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Review Responses for Chapter 22

xyvortex: Thank you very much for the compliment! I like the idea that Harry protected Connor using his own force of love. Can't say whether it's true yet, but I like it. :)

Althea: Planning Year 2 to start on Monday, no worries.

kyvvi: Thank you! Snape and Harry crack me up, too, in an evil grin sort of way.

HalandLeg4ever: Snape got way too confident, and stepped over the line. He's still got some lessons to learn about handling Harry. But I can promise that their relationship won't stay in the same state of shattered trust forever.

phoenixrising: The main problem with sticking a chapter on the end of 'Saving Connor' is that then I couldn't delete the chapter without deleting the entire story. But if you check my bio and/or this LJ, or put me on author alert, you'll know when the next story's up.

Xvyerz: Harry must definitely remain in the background. It won't be forever. Year 4 is the pivot point as far as that's concerned.

Bezzie: Thanks! Harry is happily burying his head in the sand about being a Slytherin, but both his actions and Connor's in the next story are going to combine to help prove it to him. He still thinks he'd be happier in Gryffindor. (If nothing else, he wouldn't have fought with Connor the way he did if he were in Gryffindor).

FroBoy: I always planned for Snape to give Harry Veritaserum, but that he would react the way he did, I didn't plan until the very last moment. Glad you liked it.

gatogirl1: Thank you very much! And thank you for your reviews. I always looked forward to them. :)

Snape is too arrogant and too practical to torture himself with regrets. He will indeed get in Harry's way in the second year. But he's going to find out that Harry's not as forgiving of his 'infraction' as he believes Harry should be.

Harry will befriend Hagrid, along with several other people. This first year was as tightly-focused on Connor as it was to sort of show the 'normal' state of Harry's mind. When he starts changing, I want people to know what he's changing from.

Neville will be important from second year on. I did mention, briefly, in the Sorting chapter, that Neville lost his parents. Voldemort heard only the first part of the prophecy, and so attacked both wizarding couples who had thrice defied him with children born near the end of July; he sent the Lestranges to torture the Longbottoms. But I can promise you that Neville is not the Boy-Who-Lived. :)

The first two months of Year 2 are set during the summer. That's when Harry discovers he's a Parselmouth, and a few other interesting things happen. As for the underage magic part, I think I can reveal without spoiling anything that there are such thick isolation wards on Godric's Hollow that not much gets through, and the Ministry can't track the Potters' use of underage magic. It's why Lily was able to train Harry as extensively as she did.

I'm glad it made your night!

Strega: Well, some people are upset about the behavior of Harry, Snape, or both.

Snape was a bit stupid, granted, but that came from underestimating Harry. He won't do that again.

Believe me, I'm not planning to leave for longer than Monday. I'm already anticipating writing the next story too much to do so.

tessa3: *pats* This is one of the perils of writing this story: it's certainly frustrating for many readers. I hope you can keep going with the story. Rest assured that things change long before the end.

random individual: Nope; this isn't the last part of the story, only the end of the first seventh. The next story begins on Monday.

Barranca: Connor will indeed get an education. That does not mean he will like it.

YumiAngel: Don't worry. I don't intend to copy any of the canon endings that closely. CoS will be close, but after that they take off into mostly uncharted territory.

SensiblyTainted: Thank you; I'm incredibly flattered. Snape's main goal will remain the Slytherin Hero Thing, but man, is it going to take him some time to pound that idea into Harry's stubborn head (since he's working against Harry's preference for being a Gryffindor, and, once that's settled, his idea that he can never upstage Connor).

*handclap* Someone loves Connor! Thank you! I've seen so many bad reactions to OC's (and, admittedly, many are designed to get bad reactions) that I'm glad to know Connor is growing on someone.

Draegyn: Thank you! I couldn't really see the canon Potters as the kind of people who would lash out against their children. Of course, a story is AU the moment Harry has a sibling, but the characterization of the Potters is usually a little too over-the-top for me to just give in and enjoy the story. Glad if that's working here.

AceSGoku: Thanks! Since this is the longest fanfiction I've ever written, and the plot was at first hard to wrestle into place, I'm glad that you like it.

Holy Pancake: Dumbledore is going to bother you far more in the third year, I think. /evil!hint

Charmina: Hmmm. Let me know if you think Snape is going too OOC. He's at least learned enough never to do the Veritaserum thing again, though.

CrimsonReality, Pink Feline, mhs02, XxVampire EmpressxX, KikiLala, cutieme012, jaz7, Lady Hixen, bella-lover: Thank you for reviewing!


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